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This is my mountain bike. It is a Giant Boulder SE. I bought it May 14th, 1999 at Mike's Bike shop. The only color it comes in is gold, but I find it looks ok, even though it wouldn't be my first choice. I got them to also put on some bar ends for free, which isn't reflected in the picture, and neither is the Giant Bike lock and speedometer.

My old bicycle got stolen after the first time I rode it the summer of 1998. It wasn't anything special, but it was still better than my brother's bike, which is what I was reduced to riding, for the summer.

July 13th, 2000 - Today I brought it in for its first free tuneup. It seems to run much better now. They greased up the chain for me, as well as straightened the back rim a tad. I got a flat last week, and replaced it with a re-sealable inner tube. Apparently 1/8" sized holes will seal themselves. We'll see. It's got about 475km on it now. Almost 300 when I got my first flat. Not too bad, I guess, with all the glass and construction we've been having on these roads lately! I also complained about having no front/back reflectors, so they gave me some. =) Free stuff is good.

August 7th, 2004 - I'm still riding it! Not as much, mind you, but last year I took it apart, and cleaned everything up, removed a bit of rust, re-assembled, and re-tuned what I could and it's going better than ever. It doesn't have the front reflector on it, as the screw and nut got lost somewhere along the lines, and the bike lock holder keeps breaking, so I don't carry it around anymore; less weight is good, right? Some new cables, new brakes a few times (after one catastrophic failure too. Also i've gone through a set of tires now. I went with slicks yet again, as most of the riding I do lately is on the street, but it's got knobs on the sides so it should be alright offroad too. Other than general maintenance, no problems. I wanted a new bike this summer, but there's simply no reason to get one! I have no idea on the mileage as the speedometer didn't last very long. Must be in the multiple thousand kms now.

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