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Watch Strap
Watch Strap - 3/16", 18 Ga. ($??)
A nice looking watch strap. Works great, except for the cheap buckle. This one was made custom for my friend Greg. He also scanned the picture for me. He complains about it making his arm brown, but I think it's the high acidity of his body, or something freaky like that. Or just allergic to zinc or steel =p

Diamond Earrings
Diamond Earrings - 3/16", 18 Ga. ($8)
Bright and shiny lightweight aluminum earrings. Everyone remarks on how light they are. The least expensive item you'll find here.

Cross Earrings
Cross Earrings - 3/16", 18 Ga. ($8)
Bright and shiny lightweight aluminum earrings. I don't like these as much as the previous ones. I doubt anyone will want them. Guess I was wrong. I was informed by two nice girls that they liked them. hmmm. =)

Chainmail Lamp
4-1 Lamp - 5/16", 16 Ga. (~$200-250)
I bought the lamp at wal-mart (yeah, yeah, I know), and tore apart the lampshade, and replaced it with mail. Right now I have a plain white 25 watt bulb in it (I took the pic with a 40 clear) i'm going to get a low-wattage coloured one, I think. Perhaps a black light also. It should look great then. The lamp isn't too bad itself.

Chainmail Lamp
This is another image, without the light. I might put a little frilly thing on the bottom too. Perhaps a bronze ring or two. It should look good.

Blacklit Chainmail Lamp
This is the latest lamp picture. Complete with blacklight late at night. I also added a bronze/copper dangly thing on the bottom. You can't see it well, but you can imagine something better instead. =) The colours are a bit off, due to the crappy video camera->pc tuner card conversion... I need a digital camera.

Chainmail Belt
4-1 Belt - 5/16", 16 Ga. ($75)
Very kewl, considering I saw a belt done in some 4-1/6-1 japanese variant the other day for $95. Mine has way more links, and will work better, in my opinion. Shinier too =) His links, however were cut better. (I'm guessing he bought them).

Dice Bag - 1/4", 16 Ga. ($35)
My first attempt at a dicebag. It probably took me 5 or 6 hours.. =) It works well for change, or other small things as well.

maille juggling ball
Juggling ball - 1/4", 16 Ga. ($15)
Galvanized juggling ball/hacky sack, made for my friend danny. This one's filled with pennies, but it works much better if filled with cloth or something. I have made 3, and gave them to my friend Danny.

Keychain - 5/16", 16 Ga.
Nothing special, simply my keychain with a neat small japanese 6 in 1 hex pattern, and a maille diamond. inspired by Glenn K's homepage =)

Oxidized maille patch
6-1 - 5/16", 16 Ga.
I took hydrogen peroxide, and let the maille sit in it for a day.

Non-Oxidized maille patch
8-2(King) - 5/16", 16 Ga.
Compare this to the picture above.

4-1 Sample
4-1 - 5/16", 16 Ga.
Just a high quality scan of a early sample of my chainmail. Standard 4-1 pattern.

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