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Lately, i've been a bit busy, and made a few new necklaces which I NOW have pictures for. Also, I've been going choker crazy. I've also been selling quite a bit, and will fix prices here. All prices are canadian. If you can imagine something not here, email me. It shouldn't be a problem.
Chainmail tie
4-1 1/4", 16 Ga. ($50)
Aluminium tie. I think i'm going to wear it for an interview. I think it's rather unique enough. =) It's better than the one I currently have anyhow. I've gotten a LOT of positive comments on this one. A good icebreaker, in any case. Sherry @ Spielo really liked it. =)

Stainless Pendant Necklace
3/16", 18 Ga. ($30)
Stainless steel necklace with pendant. My first work in stainless. It really does a number on my snips. Can't say i'm fond of it.

Really nice spiral necklace
Choker 6-1 3/8", 16 Ga. ($30)
Just a choker I made not too long ago. It's a band of 6-1 that goes across the throat. A tad heavy, but it looks nice. You can hang it lower if you like.

Really nice spiral necklace
Spiral 1/4", 16 Ga. ($40)
This one's very nice. My personal favorite necklace. I've sold a couple already. It alternates between 6 copper rings and 6 steel rings, but this can be changed easily.

Choker #1
Choker 5/16", 16 Ga. ($40)
A nice choker, with two black oval beads, and a spider pendant. This spider pendant costs 7.99+tax. The choker below has no spider pendant, and it has a few copper rings.

Choker #2
Choker 5/16", 16 Ga. ($30)
This choker is the same as the first, but there's a copper inlay instead of a spider pendant. I can put on a pendant, if you wish.

Choker #3
Choker 1/4", 16 Ga. ($40)
A choker that reminds me of aztecs, for some reason. Smaller rings, so it makes for a way nicer pattern. Copper diamonds.

Double spiral necklace
Double Spiral 5/16", 16 Ga. ($35)
My third full necklace in a doubled spiral pattern. This pattern doesn't come unwound like the regular spiral. I also used 16 ga galvanized steel, and copper (as usual).

Spiral necklace
Spiral 5/16", 16 Ga. ($25)
My second full necklace, made in a car going from SJ to Moncton.

6-1 necklace
6 in 1 - 5/16", 16 Ga. ($25)
My first full necklace, made mostly in the bus from Fredericton to SJ. This is a european 6-1 pattern, (sometimes used to reinforce shoulders/chest area with a hauberk) It doesn't exist anymore, I used most of it in the neckline to my shirt. This one isn't good, you don't want it. But if you REALLY do, $25 (it takes forever to make).

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