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Bra on a mirror
Bra - 1/4, 16 Ga. ($150-200?)
This is my first chainmail bra. It's fairly small links, so it shouldn't be very see through. Street-legal, anyhow, without something underneath. It's made out of galvanized steel, so it's very real, but a tad heavy... maybe 5lbs. I haven't checked. it's rather small too. Maybe 36B/C (somewhere in between)

Shirt on a hanger
Shirt - 5/16, 16 Ga. ($450-800?)
I got started on my maille shirt August 2nd, 1999. I finished it on the 24th of September. A little under 2 months, and 80 hours, then I expanded it, and it's around 100hours.

Shirt in the grass

16 gauge galvanized steel, 5/16" ID. The shirt is regular t-shirt sized. Goes down past my belt a few inches, and the sleeves go up to my elbows. It probably has somewhere around 15,000 rings.

Coif and shirt in the forest

I think it weighs 15lbs, since the expansion. That's pretty light for a shirt, I think. It's a bit tight fitting.

Shirt in the grass

I never did like this pic, but I'll put it here anyway. I should really take some new ones, perhaps.

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