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Medieval battle sword
Medieval Battle Sword
This is the very first sword that I have purchased. It's forged, but not tempered properly, so it bends... =( Capable of delivering quick, shearing blows. Designed to oppose mail, this type of sword was raised in anger at all the battlefields of Europe from about 1050-1250. Made from high carbon steel 1045 actually, this 33 inches long blade has a fuller that extends 3/4 of the blade length. The bulk and weight of the cocked hat pommel bring this sword into a fine balance. Graceful, down-curving steel crossguard. Leather covered, spiral-grooved wood grip. During the romantic High Middle Ages, a period that witnessed the bloody clashes of the Third Crusade, this was one of the most attractive and deadliest of swords. Overall-39 inches * Blade-33 inches long * Wt.-3 lbs. The original sword is in the National Museum of Copenhagen and was formerly in the Christiansen collection.

Benchmade 42a Balisong
Benchmade 42a Balisong
Benchmade 42a Balisong
Benchmade 42a Balisong
What can I say? It's the BM-42a. Titanium Handles (90% Ti, 6% Al, 4% Vanadium), and 440C Stainless. A hardness of ~ 58. Gotta love the weehawk blade, and torx pivot screws.

Bear MGC Butterfly knife
Bear MGC Butterfly Knife
I bought this from a cheap company in the states...It isn't very great, but it was good for learning. I know how to use it well enough, now... I can do a few aerial moves.. nothing spectacular, but i'm better than anyone I know, or have seen (which is pretty much no one). =)

Bear MGC Butterfly knife
Bear MGC Butterfly knife Bear MGC Butterfly knife
Bear MGC Butterfly knife
Fencing Sword
This is apparently an Italian type fencing Epee. Not a foil or a sabre, but in between.. I like it. I've never fenced, but I got this at a flea market for $20, so I think it's a steal. I also made a leather sheath for it.. but it sucks.. just two belts taped together. It works though. It has the name David Guthrow engraved into it. =)

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