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The Endtimes. A book by j. Keith n. Gale/Quality-West Publishing.

Official release date is June 27th, 2000 - ISBN 0-9687408-0-4.

"The Endtimes" is an independantly published project made possible by the moral support of friends, family and peers. It was originally scheduled to be published by "Quality-West Publishing"in Calgary, Alberta, but after a financially devestating divorce, the work was postponed and permission was granted to breach the signed contract. The first printing was a run of 200 copies, which were made publicly available exclusivly at Molly's Coffee House on the last saturday in June, 2000. The book was made offically available in bookstores on June 27th.

The cover photogram, untitled, was done by artist Dugan McKinstry while taking a photography course at Mount Allison. Dugan has graduated from Mount A. with a BA major in Fine Arts. Dugan now lives outside Ottawa, Ontario where he works as a telephone surveyor. Dugan is Keith's long-time friend and fellow SJDA graduate.

The cover concept and design was the first such project of computer programmer Derek Ferris. Keith met Derek at the University of New Brunswick where they both studied Computer Science. Derek has since graduated and is employed full time in Moncton, New Brunswick. He practices the ancient art of medieval armour weaving (chainmail). It is highly recommended you check out his work, available here.

The first draft editing and bio portaits were done by photographer Joel Hooper. Keith met Joel in St. Andrews where he was employed by the resort hotel "The Algonquin" as head dishwasher. Their friendship flourished in Calgary, Alberta in 1999, where "The Endtimes" was mostly completed. Joel now lives in Keith's old apartment in Fredericton.

All poems were edited for grammar and spelling, but rarely for content.

available shamelessly for purchase and home delivery from Chapters.ca on July 21st.

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