SilverLight's Art Gallery [IMPLOSION.JPG]

This is what me, and a friend of mine, Bertin Richard had called our 'software company' at one point. We've had MANY names, the first one I can remember was something like soft something or other.. I wish I could remember, but we had hacked a game for the C-64 called Space Taxi (It was the absolute BEST game i had played), and had entered that, and our names into it. This image was my first experimentation with bump maps, ever. It was done with Persistence of Vision (POVRAY) 2.0. This is the absolute BEST ray tracing program I have ever seen. Too bad it doesn't have a modeller. In other words, you must CODE your images. They end up looking perfect, but you have to REALLY work for it. Reflection and refraction make me swoon.

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