SilverLight's Art Gallery [POVDOOM.JPG]

Doom 2 (Id Software) was my LIFE at one point. This lasted about a full year or so. I spent every waking moment going from deathmatch to deathmatch. I must have played about 100 different opponents, and had scores usually around 100 to -10, in my favor. Sometimes I played on the network at school (back in the days that everyone didn't have a home network), sometimes on the internet (which was new to me), but mostly on modem. People used to call me up, to give it a try, they had found out about me on local BBS's. So, this image was created because I wanted to see DOOM in 640x480 resolution! (As common as this is now, it wasn't then. The only 640 resolution game that I knew of was Pirates GOLD!) I was into level making/hacking, etc, so I ripped the textures, and placed them on walls, ala povray, and this is what came out, a good representation of the first hallway in Level1. (I can still play the first 12 levels or so in my head. =)

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