Game review for Fallout 4

I was looking forward to Fallout 4 ever since I heard of it. Thankfully they only really announced it not long before it was released. It wasn't really something that I was expecting at all. I tried to stay away from the news, the hype.

My impressions after having spend a considerable amount of time in game... at least enough to get to be level 34. Giving voice to the wanderer is excellent, and always good to see old friends like dogmeat, but as everyone's already said, the dialogue choices are a lot more ambiguous now so it's a bit of a pain when you choose something and have the character that you control spew out something totally different than you intended. I haven't really found any weapons that i'm attached to yet. I really dislike the recharge laser muskets and prevalent pipe-weapons. Maybe I should focus more on upgrades. I also really wish you could disassemble the legendary weapons. Some of them as as useless as the junk you find anywhere.

I don't care for the base building at all, or mindless resource/junk salvaging. For items, okay but not just stuff you find laying around empty bases. I'll hire a janitor, I don't want to be doing that crap myself! The UI especially for base building is very very clunky and pooly designed. I don't know what they were thinking. Escape to exit, oh no wait it's tab to exit this menu... then somethimes an enter? I'm fine with it, I can remember things like that fairly instinctively with muscle memory given context, but I shouldn't have to - there's no need for it. I wonder if user made mods will be able to change this; I expect so. That also brings up the point of should we need users to fix game design poor choices? Of course not, but that's the way the game's made... so...

There may be too many side missions. Many quest guys seem to have an endless supply of the same mission but different locations which basically come down to 'go here, kill these low level bad guys'. I would like there to have been a way to tell if a certain mission will have level 5 guys or level 30. Or better yet, don't give me a level 5 mission, if it's a randomly generated endless supply of sidequests, just give me one that's level-appropriate!

The power armor changes I do like. I love that it's very powerful and practically a vehicle now and how it changes your HUD for the better. Also the fact that you don't find those power cores too often so you aren't in the suit all the time.

Eitherway. It's much like Fallout 3 and NV. The graphics, sounds, everything's not very different. They even re-use many songs they've used in the past. I wish they would have added more. I'm fine with that. It's more Fallout. I love the world, the idea, the gameplay enough. One thing i'm missing though are memorable moments. There haven't really been any scenes where I was too excited, impressed or shocked... Like the Liberty robot mission in the old game. That was great. Maybe I need to play more or have a second playthrough... Maybe the DLC will help, or i'm just not exploring enough.


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